School-Year  2017-2018 Session Class Descriptions & Times

Ages 3 & 4


Creative Dance:  This 45-minute class offers our very young students an introduction to music and movement.  Various props and music are used to stimulate and nurture the imagination.  Our aim is to instill a love for dance movement!  Students must be potty trained/potty independent and age 3 by November 1, 2017.  Level I includes 3 and 4 year olds; Level II is for 4 year olds.
To see class times:          Creative Dance I & Creative Dance II       
Ages 5 & 6
Beginning and Advanced Combination: Each one hour class incorporates instruction in both Ballet and Tap.  For Beginning Combination, basic tumbling is included also.  Students will learn the basics of rhythm, coordination, grace, and posture.  Beginning level is for students age 5 as of November 1, 2017.  Advanced level is for students age 6 as of November 1, 2017.
To see class times:        Beginning & Advanced Combination
Ages 8+

Musical Theatre: Our theatre classes incorporate theatrical skits and performances from recent Broadway shows.  Classes include improvisation, singing, dance and movement, theatrical skills and use of stage props.  Level A is for students ages 8 to 10 and Level B is for students ages 11 to 14.
To see class times:          Musical Theatre 
Ages 7 to 9+
Ballet & Tap for young dancers:  Young dancers start in Ballet I and/or Tap I and advance to Ballet II and then Ballet III and/or Tap II and then Tap III.  The one-hour classes are designed to teach the basics of Ballet and Tap.  Ballet III students who wish to eventually advance to Pointe classes and Pointe shoes, are encouraged to take two Ballet III classes per week (or one Ballet III and one Cecchetti I class).  Ballet III students perform with the older ballet students in the annual Spring Ballet instead of the June Recital.  See the Ballet and Tap sections below for more detailed descriptions of these important dance styles!  Ballet is a requirement for Cuppett Dance Company as well as Modern, Lyrical, Jazz, and Character classes.
To see class times:          Ballet I, II & III          Tap Classes
Junior Hip Hop:  Hip Hop is a broad collection of urban street dance styles including Breaking, Popping, Locking, Turfing, Jerkin, and Krumping.  Hip Hop dance evolved  from Hip Hop culture and includes elements from Jazz, Rock, Tap, American and Latino dance cultures.  It is a very energetic form of dance.  For Junior Hip Hop, dancers must be 7 by November 1, 2017.  
To see class times:         Hip Hop Classes       
 Acro: Acro-dance combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements.  Includes contortion, tumbling, partnering, and dance such as jazz, musical theatre, contemporary, and ballet; guaranteed to increase flexibility and strength!  Acro I is for beginners age 7 and up and AcroA, B C & Intensive levels are progressions from Level I.  New students with acrobatic/gymnastic experience can be evaluated for placement.
To see class times:        Acro Classes
Pre Teen Classes:   For Pre Teen students who are beginning or experienced dancers, CPAC offers PreTeen Ballet,  
NEW! PreTeen  Jazz (does not require a ballet class), and Pre Teen Tap .
To see class times:  Pre Teen Classes
Ages 9 to 18
 Ballet (PrePointe -Pointe levels) : Ballet is the foundation for most dance forms and is an integral part of the curriculum at CPAC.  The Center teaches the best of both the Russian (Vaganova) and Italian (Cecchetti) methods.  For students age 9 to 11 who are just beginning their ballet training, we offer a PreTeen Ballet class.  Students who have completed Ballet I through III progress to the PrePointe level with a Cecchetti class and then to Pointe A level with a Cecchetti class, and so on through Level C.  Every ballet student, beginner through advanced, receives the benefits of poise, grace, self-assurance and a firm foundation for ALL forms of dance! 
The Intensive Ballet Program offers a more intense study of ballet by providing 5 to 7 hours per week of ballet instruction in Technique, Pointe work, Cecchetti, and Variations that has consistently resulted in measurable strengthening and overall improvement of the serious ballet student.  Current CPAC students are invited by the ballet teachers to join the program; new students must audition for the program.
To see class times:          PrePointe           Pointe & Intensive Ballet levels
Cecchetti:   The Cecchetti Method of Ballet, founded by the famous teacher Enrico Cecchetti, is "a balanced and analyzed system of theory and execution for the planned development of the student."  Many ballet companies around the world use Cecchetti's principles of instruction. Grades I through IV are the beginning levels. Levels V through Diploma are professional.  Since Cecchetti is systematic and progressive, students must master the previous material in order to continue through each grade.  Examiners fly into our area each year to judge students on their practical exam, the results of which are invaluable to a student's technical improvement.
To see class times:        Cecchetti  Classes  - Grades 1 - 7          
Tap: Tap classes develop a keen sense of rhythm, coordination, timing, and style.  For students age 9 to 11 who are just beginning their tap training, we offer a PreTeen Tap class.  Students who have completed Tap I through Tap III progress to level IV, V, VI, and on to Intensive Tap A, B, C, and D.  The Intensive classes are more demanding and students are placed by invitation.  Beginning teens start in Teen Tap I and progress to Teen Tap II/III.
To see class times :     Tap Classes
Jazz:   Jazz is a stylized theatrical dancing, conceived in America, given birth by the established and varied techniques of dance and influenced by the musical styles of each succeeding decade.  Students are accepted into Jazz I at the age of 9 and after they have completed two years of ballet.  All students must take a separate ballet class to supplement the jazz class.  Those students who complete Jazz I will continue to progress with Jazz II, III, IV, A, B,& C or audition for Company Competition levels.  The only exceptions for no additional ballet class are the Pre Teen Jazz and Teen Jazz classes which incorporate some ballet barre into the classes.
To see class times for jazz classes:       Jazz Classes
See Company section for Company classes
Teen Classes:   For teen students who are beginning or experienced dancers, CPAC offers Teen Ballet, Teen Jazz I & II (do not require a ballet class), and Teen Tap 1 & II. 
 To see class times:          Teen Classes
Contemporary/Modern:   Contemporary/Modern dance is primarily the study of Martha Graham's technique, enhanced with exercises and selected repertory from other modern masters such as Paul Taylor, Merce Cunningham, Mark Morris, and Twyla Tharp.  The continued study of Modern dance provides students with  an unmatched level of strength and technique that will also enhance performance in other dance forms.  With ballet choreography becoming increasingly 'modern', dancers benefit from learning this contemporary way of moving.  Students are accepted into this class at age 10 and at least Ballet III level.  A separate ballet class is required.
 To see class times:         Modern Classes A-C
Character:   Character is a stylized modification of ethnic dance forms using the ballet discipline.  The preparation for this form includes unique barre and floor exercises designed to build strength and technique.  Many of the combinations and dances are designed to emphasize the sounds and rhythms of the music.  Students are accepted into Character at age 10 and at least PrePointe ballet level.  A separate ballet class is required.
 To see class times:       Character Classes A -D
Lyrical:   Lyrical is a ballet and contemporary-based class focused on training dancers to express themselves artistically to music.  Students must be placed at Pointe A or higher to enroll in Lyrical classes.   A separate ballet class is required.
 To see class times:        Lyrical 
Hip Hop:   Hip Hop is a broad collection of urban street dance styles including Breaking, Popping, Locking, Turfing, Jerkin, and Krumping.  Hip hop dancing evolved from Hip Hop culture and includes elements from Jazz, Rock, Tap, American and Latino dance cultures.  It is a very energetic form of dance that can be choreographed or improvised.
To see class times:        Hip Hop Classes
Adult Classes:   Adult  Ballet for  beginning or experienced.   Adult Tap Beginning is for adult students with little to no tap experience and Adult Tap Intermediate is offered for adult students with at least two years of tap experience.  
 To see class times:          Adult Classes
 Cuppett Dance Company:    To find out more about our Company, check out our Company page. 
To see Company class times:  Company Classes