Fall 2016-2017 Session Information

~  The Fall 2016-2017 began Tuesday, September 6, 2016 and continue through mid-June, 2017.  The exact end date is still to be determined based on Recital dates.  Students may register for classes through the beginning of November 2016.
~  Tuition is based on a full year tuition divided into 10 equal payments.   September tuition and registration fee are due when registering for classes.  Beginning with October, the monthly tuition amount is due by the 1st day of the month with a late fee for payments made after the 7th day of the month.
~  All classes (except Cecchetti classes) will perform in either the Spring Ballet or the June Recital.  Participation in both the Spring Ballet and Recital are optional but nearly all students participate!
"Fall" School Year 2016-2017 Session (Sept.- June)