Fall (School Year) session begins the first Tuesday after Labor Day in September and ends around mid-June of the following year.
   ~  Holidays:  
        ~  Thanksgiving Break begins the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and ends the Sunday after.  
        ~  Winter Break usually follows the Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) calendar.  Check our CPAC calendar for the exact dates.
        ~  Spring Break usually follows the FCPS calendar EXCEPT for the Monday after Easter; we will be open the Monday after Easter.
        ~  CPAC is open ALL Monday holidays during the year EXCEPT for Memorial Day.  We are open the Saturday before Memorial Day and closed on Monday, Memorial Day.
Summer Session begins in July, usually after July 4th, and runs Monday through Friday for five weeks.
Tuition and Fees:
Fall (School Year) Session (September through June):  The total tuition for the year is divided into 10 equal monthly payments.    
   ~  September monthly tuition and the registration fee are paid at the time of enrollment and are non-refundable.
   ~  Monthly tuition is due the first day of each month beginning with October; September tuition is paid at the time registration.   
   ~  If the monthly tuition payment has not been received by the Main Office by the end of business on the 7th day of the month, a late fee of $15 will be charged to the account.  
   ~  Past due accounts must be paid in full in order to register for an upcoming session or to add classes.  
   ~  There is a $35.00 fee for payments returned for insufficient funds.
   ~  Monthly tuition can be paid by Auto Pay (VISA, MC, Discover or bank draft), check, or cash.  
   ~  Auto Pay is a CPAC program that processes monthly tuition and other fees automatically.  There is no additional fee to participate in this program.
   ~  Families enrolled in Auto Pay receive an email 5 to 7 days prior to the payment processing as a reminder of the upcoming payment and includes information on what charges are being processed (monthly tuition, Cecchetti books, costumes, etc.).  
   ~  Families enrolled in Auto Pay can easily make purchases in our Allegra Boutique.   With your permission, your dancer may also charge purchases from Allegra Boutique to your Auto Pay account.
   ~  There are no refunds or credits for missed classes.  If a student misses a class, they can do a make-up in a similar class during the same session.  
   ~  A student can withdraw from a class by sending an email to or phoning the office at
703-938-9019 by the 25th of the current month and will not be charged for the remaining months of the session.  
   ~  Other costs and fees include but are not limited to:
        ~  Ballet and/or Recital costumes for performers (see "Performances" section below for additional information).
        ~  Ballet Performance Fee for students performing in the Spring Ballet.  This fee helps cover part of the cost of the venue.  Parents of performers in the Spring Ballet will receive a specific number of discounted tickets once the Ballet Performance Fee is paid.  Additional tickets can be purchased for the shows as needed.
        ~  June Recital tickets for families and friends are purchases as needed.  This is in lieu of a Recital fee and helps to cover the cost of the venue and the technicians.
        ~  Cecchetti fees include a required Grade level book ($5 to $16 depending on grade level) and Cecchetti examination fees (range from $55 to $125 depending on grade level).
        ~  Cuppett Dance Company fees for Workshops, Conventions, Competitions, and Master Classes.  These are outlined in the Company handbook.
 Summer Session:  The entire tuition amount and the Summer registration fee are due at the time of enrollment in classes.  
   ~  There are NO MONETARY REFUNDS for Summer tuition.
   ~  If Summer tuition is over $300, the tuition may be paid in two payments with the first due by April 1st and the second by May 1st.  
   ~  If the Summer tuition is over $500, the tuition may be paid in three payments with the first due by April 1st, the second due by May 1st, and the final due by June 1st.
   ~  If a student withdraws from a Summer class BEFORE May 15th, they may receive a tuition credit towards the following Fall (School Year) Session only.  
   ~  Any withdrawals after May 15th are non-refundable for money or Fall (School Year) credit.
Class Policies:
Class Etiquette:
~  Dress appropriately for the dance class.
~  Be on time!
~  Listen to your teacher.  Be prepared when it is your turn.
~  No chewing gum in the classrooms.
~  Do not wear your dance shoes outside the dance studios; do not wear your street shoes inside the dance studios.
~  Do not talk while the teacher is talking, including whispering.
~  Listen first, then ask relevant questions.
~  Respect the personal space of others.
~  Respect the dance environment by cleaning up after yourself and keeping your belongings in your dance bag.
~  Label your dancewear.  
~  Keep any valuables in your dance bag.
~  All students should wear a cover-up when outside.  What is normal for us is not normal for the general public.
~  Do NOT hang or slouch or lean on the dance barres.
~  Be kind to your fellow dancers.
~  Do not correct other dancers; that is the teacher's job.
~  Only water bottles in dance studios; no food or other drinks in the dance studios.
~  Do not touch the mirrors.  This is a safety as well as cleaning issue.
~  Do not enter a dance studio until the teacher has invited the class in.
~  If you arrive late, wait for a break in the music before entering quietly.  Wait for the teacher indicate whether you are to join the class, warm-up on your own at the side, or observe the class.
~  If you must leave early, inform your teacher at the beginning of the class.  Leave quietly when it is time to go.
~  Do not question the teacher's authority.  If you have a problem, discuss it with the teacher outside of class.
~  Please leave the teaching to the teachers.  Our teachers are professional, work well together, and strive to provide a quality program.
~  When waiting in the lobbies or dressing rooms, please be considerate and keep your voices at a normal level.  Loud discussions by students and parents in the lobby are disruptive to the classes currently in progress.
~  Parents, do not allow young children to play in an unoccupied studio.
~  Parents wishing to talk with a teacher should contact the Main Office either by email at  or by phone at 703-938-9019.  Our teachers are good about responding to requests within a few days.  It is very difficult for teachers to maintain their tight class schedules if they are answering questions between classes.  We appreciate your understanding on this matter.
Class Observation:  Observation windows are provided in all of our studios so that parents and friends may quietly observe from outside the classroom.  
Fall (School Year) Session:  Two Parent Observation Weeks are held, one in early December and one usually in March.  
~  Dates for Parent Observation Weeks will be announced in the monthly e-newsletters sent out each month.
~  During Parent Observation Weeks parents and friends may come into the classrooms and quietly watch the class.  
~  Video and cameras are allowed but we do ask that you not post to social media if students other than your own child are included.  
~  Cell phones should be turned off or at least put on silent while in the classroom.  
~  If you need to take a call or send a text, do so from outside the classroom.
Summer Session:   There is no 'inside the Studio' observation time.  You are welcome to observe class through the observation windows.  The only exceptions are the Summer Camp shows!
 Attendance:    Please let the office know if your child is going to miss a class by either emailing to or by phoning the office at 703-938-9019.
Fall and Summer Session:
~  There are no tuition refunds for missed classes.  
~  A student may make-up the missed class in a similar class in the same session.  If not sure which classes are appropriate, feel free to ask the teacher or the office for suggestions.
~  You do not need to call ahead and schedule a make-up class.
~  When making up a class, please let the teacher of the make-up class know that the student is there for a make-up.
~  Students are encouraged to make-up all missed classes.  
Additional Information for Fall (School Year) Session:
~  Students who miss more than four classes per year are highly encouraged to make-up their missed classes.   The number of absences and missed material can affect a student's advancement.
~  See the Performance Attendance policy below under "Performances" for additional attendance requirements for students performing in the Spring Ballet and/or June Recital.
~  Students should inform their teacher of any injury that might affect their fully participating in class.
~  If the injury is serious and the student will not be able to participate in class for an extended period of time, the parent should inform the office.
~  Injured students are encouraged to observe class.  This will help the student be aware of technique and choreography taught during this time.
~  Before rejoining the class, the parent should provide the office with a doctor's note indicating it is ok for the student to return to full class participation.
Arriving Late/Leaving Early:
~  Parents - Students often depend on you to get them to class on-time.  Please help your child meet our expectations for them.
~  Students are expected to be on-time for class.  Missing the initial warm-up exercises can contribute to injuries.
~  If you do arrive late, enter the class quietly.  Find room at the end of the barre or on the floor without disrupting the students already in class.
~  If a student is 10 or more minutes late to class, the teacher will decide if the student may be allowed to quietly warm-up to the side of the class until the teacher feels they are warmed up enough to join the class or if the student will sit out and observe the class only.
~  If you must leave early, talk with the teacher before class.  When it is time to leave,  please do so quietly to avoid disrupting the rest of the class.
Withdrawal from a class:
Fall (School Year) Session:
~  To withdraw from a class contact the Main Office by email at or by phone at 703-938-9019 or drop by the Office. 
~  If the Office receives the withdrawal request on or before the 25th, the student will be withdrawn with no further financial obligations for the remaining  months of the session.
Summer Session:
~  For withdrawals before  or on May 15th, Fall (School Year) credit only will be given.
~  For withdrawals after May 15th, no refunds or credits are given.  The student or other family member can substitute other Summer classes, camps, or Workshops, depending on availability, for the dropped class.
~  There are no monetary refunds for withdrawal from Summer classes at any time.
Inclement Weather Policy / Class Cancellations:
Fall (School Year) Session:
~  Due to our later class start times, CPAC does not follow Fairfax County Public School's (FCPS) inclement weather policy.
~  In the case of inclement weather, please call the Center for a recorded phone message on closings or check our website at  A message will be posted by noon for Monday through Friday classes, and by 8:00 a.m. for Saturday classes.
~  In rare situations where there is an emergency, it may be necessary to cancel a class.  In this case, you will be notified by phone and/or email as promptly as possible.  Additionally, the phone message and website will be updated.
~  Weather related make-up classes will be scheduled after the second canceled "Weather related" class for that particular day; i.e. if two Tuesdays are canceled for snow, one Tuesday will be made up.
Summer Session:
~  In the class of inclement weather, please call the Center for a recorded phone message on closings or check our website at  A message will be posted by 7:00 a.m. for that day.
~  In rare situations where there is an emergency, it may be necessary to cancel a class. In this case, you will be notified by phone and/or email as promptly as possible. Additionally, the phone message and website will be updated.  A make-up class will be scheduled for any canceled classes.
Photo Opt Out:  Promotional productions (photo, video, audio) produced by CPAC of CPAC classes, rehearsals, and performances may be used for marketing to the public, including internet (website and social media pages), flyers, and/or print advertising.  If you object to the use of promotional productions (photo, video, audio) produced by CPAC that include your child(ren), send written notification to the Main Office at when registering for a Session.
Drop-in Classes:
~  A student must complete a registration form and pay the registration fee for the session in order to drop-in for a class during the session.  The registration fee is good for that entire session.
~  Drop-in fees are based on the session and the length of the class.
~  Drop-in fees should be paid before a student participates in a drop-in class at the office window or the student may enroll in the Auto Pay program and have their fees automatically processed each time they participate in a drop-in class.
Trying a Class or Taking a Class for Placement:
~  A prospective student who is interested in trying a class should contact the Main Office at or by phone 703-938-9019 to schedule a class.
~  A prospective student with experience who needs to be placed in a dance genre should contact the Main Office at either or by phone at 703-938-9019 to set up a placement class.
~  On the day of the scheduled class, the prospective student's parent or guardian will need to drop by the office to complete basic information on the registration form and sign the Waiver of Liability/Assumption of Risk.
~  No fee is charged for trying a class or taking a class for placement.
~  We do not allow students to try out a class the first week of the Fall (School Year) Session.
~  For Current Families (Current Families are families with a student enrolled for the current session or were enrolled in the previous session) who recommend a New Family to CPAC for a Fall (School Year) Session.
~  The New Family must indicate the name of the referring Current Family on their Registration Form (either on the "Referred by" line or in the comment section for an online registration).
~  Once the New Family completes three consecutive months of enrollment, the referring family will receive a $50 tuition credit to their account.
~  Referral credit is based on a per-New Family basis and is not affected by the number of students in the New Family or how many classes they enroll in.
~  New students cannot receive referral credit by referring other new students.
Lost & Found:
~  Please put Names in ALL dancewear (clothing and shoes) and dancewear bags.  Dance shoes are expensive and putting your name on them increases the likelihood you will have them returned should you forget and leave them behind!
~  If there is no name in/on an item left behind at the Center, it is taken to the nearest dressing room which is the lost & found area.  Please be sure to check the lost & found in the dressing rooms periodically!
~  Items with a name are taken to the office and the student will be called and/or emailed for them to pick up the item.
~  Jewelry, phones, purses, and electronics, with or without a name, are taken to the office for holding.  If there is a name, the student will be called and/or emailed to let them know it is in the office and can be picked up there.  If you are missing an item of this type, please check with the office.
~  Lost & Found is cleared out after each Parent Observation Week, after the June Recital, and at the end of the Summer Session.  The items are donated to a local charity.
~  CPAC is not responsible for lost or stolen property.  Students may bring their dance bags into the studios during class.
Dress Code:   Most items are available at our Allegra's Boutique located in the Main Lobby at Park Street.
Fall (School Year) Session:
~  Creative Dance classes:  Light lavender leotard, with or without attached skirt, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.  Hair should be secured and pulled away from the face.
~  Lil' Dudes, Boys Jr. Hip Hop, & Boys Hip Hop classes:  Tee shirt, shorts or sweatpants, clean sneakers that are ONLY used indoors.
~  Combination classes:  Light lavender leotard, with or without attached skirt, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black tap shoes.  Hair should be secured and pulled away from the face.
~  Ballet I-III classes and Tap I-III classes:  Lavender or purple leotard, with pink tights and pink ballet shoes for Ballet, black tap shoes with tan tights for Tap.  If taking both Ballet and Tap in back-to-back classes, the student should wear pink tights for both.  Hair should be in a bun.
~  Hip Hop classes:  Tight fitting top or leotard, loose pants, sneakers that are ONLY used indoors.  Hair should be secured and pulled away from the face.
~  Acro classes:  Biketard (preferred) or tight fitting top with dance shorts or leotard with dance shorts, socks or bare feet.  Hair should be secured and pulled away from the face.
~  Ballet, Pointe, Character, and Lyrical classes:  Solid purple or black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes for Ballet and Pointe, black Character shoes for Character, and bare feet or foot undeez for Lyrical.  Black character skirt for Character.  Hair neatly secured in a bun.
~  Intensive Ballet Program:  Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes.  Hair neatly secured in a bun.  No jewelry.
~  Tap IV and up:  Solid color leotard or snug fitting tank top, jazz pants or shorts (optional), with tights (tan preferred), and black full-sole tap shoes.  Tappers at these levels should have full-sole tap shoes, not split-sole or Mary-Jane tap shoes.  Hair should be secured and pulled away from the face.
~  Jazz and Modern classes:  Solid color leotard, jazz pants or shorts (optional), tan tights, tan jazz shoes for jazz classes, tan and black jazz shoes for students in Company, and bare feet for Modern classes.  Hair should be secured and pulled away from the face.
~  Musical Theatre classes:  Comfortable clothing (no jeans or baggy clothing), sneakers that are ONLY used indoor or jazz shoes (color for Recital will be determined by November).  Hair should be secured and away from the face.
Fall (School Year) Session:
~  CPAC holds a Spring Ballet for all ballet students enrolled in Ballet III, PrePointe, Pointe, and Character classes.  These classes do not perform in the June Recital.
~  All other classes (except Cecchetti classes) perform in the June Recital.
~  Performing in the Spring Ballet and/or June Recital is optional.
~  The dates for the Spring Ballet and June Recital will be posted on the website and listed in the monthly e-Newsletters as soon as they are available in the Fall.
~  Students performing in either the Spring Ballet or June Recital are expected to not miss more than one class a month beginning January 1st.  Choreography is being set and  missing students make it difficult for both the student and the class to practice and learn the class dance.
~  A student who consistently misses a class may be removed from the dance performance by the teacher either completely or for the sections of choreography the student missed.
~  Student measurements are taken by CPAC staff in November for each class participating in the performances.
~  Costume payments will be billed in November and are due December 1st.  In order to receive all the costumes in time for the performances, costumes are ordered in December.
~  There are NO REFUNDS on costumes.  Please make sure you are available on the dates of the mandatory dress rehearsals and Performance days before December 1st.
~  Every effort is made to order costumes that will fit.  When ordering, we take into account the age of the student and the probable growth during the remainder of the dance year.
~  Costume Information Sheets are provided for parents for each class once the costume is received and distributed.  The Costume Information Sheet should be kept with the costume.  It will list the color of tights required for the dance, the type of dance shoes, how the hair should be done, any basic alterations that need to be made (e.g. basic tacking), and accessories for the costume.  The Costume Information Sheet will be emailed to each class and also will be available on the website.
~  Please check the Costume Information Sheet for color of tights and dance shoes well before the dress rehearsal to make sure you have the supplies needed.
~  Store costumes in a safe place and do not use the costume before the dress rehearsal.   Replacement costumes are not always available and are always expensive in part due to express shipping costs.
~  Do not wear the costume in a car.  It can easily be torn in a seat belt or otherwise damaged getting into or out of a car.  Dressing rooms are provided for both the dress rehearsals and the performances.
Spring Ballet:
~  The Spring Ballet is a full-length ballet.
~  Students performing in the Spring Ballet are required to attend four additional Saturday Ballet Rehearsals.  These dates will be announced on the website and the monthly e-Newsletters as soon as they are confirmed.
~  If a student misses two or more of the Saturday Ballet Rehearsals, they will not be able to participate in the Finale for the Ballet and the additional staging.  The only time this material is taught is during the four Saturday Ballet Rehearsals.
~  The Saturday Ballet Rehearsals begin around 4:30 p.m. and run through the evening.  The rehearsal schedule will be sent out in late December/early January with the rehearsal times for each section of the Ballet as well as the Finale rehearsal time.  Students are required to attend the sections they are performing in as well as the Finale rehearsal time but do not have to stay for sections they are not dancing in.
~  The Spring Ballet Dress Rehearsal is the Friday evening before the Performance.  All students need to attend the entire Dress Rehearsal which will run in show order which may be different from the Saturday Rehearsal schedule.
~  After the Finale, students will remain in costume for a group photo of the entire cast on-stage.
~  On Performance day, there are TWO shows.  All performers perform in BOTH shows!
~  Be sure your child has plenty of water and food on Performance day - it is a long and exciting day!
June Recital:
~  Classes not performing in the Spring Ballet perform in the June Recital except for Cecchetti classes, which do not perform.
~  Dates will be announced in the Fall as soon as they are confirmed.
~  In late-May or early-June an Extra Rehearsal for Creative Dance, Beginning Combination, and Advanced Combination classes is held on a Saturday evening.  The date is announced in late March or April.  Attendance is highly encouraged as it provides your young dancer more confidence on-stage and allows them to become familiar with the layout and design of their performance (sitting on benches/steps, waiting their turn, learning to be a good audience, etc.).
~  Dress Rehearsals are held the week before the Recital and are mandatory for all performers.
~  Information on dates, times, venue location, show information will be posted on the CPAC website Parent Page as soon as it is finalized.

Policies and Procedures at CPAC