Hello and Welcome!
Thank you for considering Cuppett Performing Arts Center for your dancing needs.
We believe in Happiness thru Dance!

On this page you will find information on:
           ~ Where to find General Information
           ~ Where to find the School-Year 2017-2018 schedule, tuition and fees, class descriptions
           ~ How to register for School-Year 2017-2018 session classes
           ~ How to contact the office for questions or concerns


General Information about CPAC:

To read about our wonderful dance instructors:   CPAC Faculty

Information on the Mission Statement and the history of the Center can be found on the Home Page .

Information about our philosophy and what makes CPAC special:  About Us .

Information about our policies and procedures is available on the Enrollment Agreement .  Additional information will be available on the website in the near future.

  School-Year 2017-2018 Schedule

Print copy:    Class Descriptions  or view them online Here

Print copy: Tuition and Fees  or view the calculation online  Fee Calculation


How to Register for School-Year ( Sept-June) Classes:

~  You can register one of two ways:  

           1)  online through the website or

           2) by paper either in-person at the office, by scan/email, fax, or mail.


To register online:

If you have any problems using the online registration, please let the office know via phone (703-938-9019)

or email at Cuppettpacdance@gmail.com . 

           1)  Determine which classes you would like to register for.   Remember to consider classes that have age requirements, prerequisites or are by placement.  If you do register for a class that your child is not eligible for, the office will let you know as soon as we review your registration and we will help  you find a class your child is eligible for.

           2)  Go to the  Class Descriptions page and find a class you wish to enroll in.   Click to see the class times and then click on the "Register" tab or the Wait List tab if the class is full.

           3)  When you click to enroll the first time, an online registration form will pop up for you to complete.   

           4)  You can then add additional classes, additional family dancers, and billing information, if you prefer.

           5)  After you are done adding classes, you can choose to add billing information and we will automatically run your payment for Registration Fee and September Tuition payment once your registration has been approved OR you can wait till you receive your confirmation of classes email and bring in a check or cash within 48 hours.  We do not process payments until your registration is approved.   To calculate your fees, you can use the Fee Calculation page.

           6)  And that's IT!  All Done!  


To register by paper form:

           1)  Print out a copy of the Registration Form and complete. 

           2)  Print out a copy of the Enrollment Agreement and initial and sign it.

           3)  Enter the classes for each dancer.  Please provide a second choice where possible.

           4)  Submit your Registration Form and Enrollment Agreement to the office by either:

                                                                     ~  Scanning then emailing to Cuppettpacdance@gmail.com

                                                                     ~  Fax to 703-938-2364

                                                                     ~  Mail to:  CPAC, 135 Park St. SE, Vienna, VA  22180

                                                                     ~  Drop off at the main office at 143 Park St. SE

           5)  You can add billing information to your account for automatic payment or drop off a check or cash within 48 hours of receiving your registration confirmation of classes.

           6)  And that's IT!  All Done!


To contact the office

Email us at Cuppettpacdance@gmail.com

Phone us at 703-938-9019