Current ( & Prior*) Student Summer Online Registration  


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-  Once submitted, ALL registrations will be reviewed by the office.

-  After the office reviews your registration (or any adds), you will be sent an email confirming classes.

-  The office will contact you if your child is enrolled in a class for which they do not meet the requirements (placement, pre-requisites, age) to help find an alternative class.

Instructions to register online:

1)  You will need your child’s Placement Letter (to help determine eligibility for classes). Prior students - Please  contact Office 703-928-9019 for placement inquiries.

2)  Login to your CUSTOMER PORTAL:  click here to login     

3)  Open the “ENROLL” tab.

4)  Select “Summer 2017” on the “Session” box.  This will list ALL Summer classes.

5)  To enroll in a class:

            -  Using the “Category1” list, find the class you want enroll in.

            -  Note the “Category1” code for the class.

            -  Select the “Category1” code from the dropdown list on the “Category1” box.

6)  Click on the class/day/time or Week you would like.

7)  If the class is full, you can choose to be put on the Wait List.  *** Be sure to enroll in a second choice if your first choice is full and you are added to the Wait List! ***

8)  Repeat to enroll in additional classes.

9)  After you have enrolled in all classes you would like, open the “My Classes” tab and check that you are enrolled in all classes.  You also can print schedules for all your children - all on one schedule or a separate schedule for each child!

10)  To calculate fees (registration fee and monthly tuition amount), see the “Summer Tuition Calc” page.  If you wish to pay by credit card or bank draft, be sure your billing information is listed under the “My Account” tab.

11)  Once your registration is received and reviewed/approved by the office, the office will post your fees to your account (registration fee and tuition) and you will receive an email from the office within one week confirming your class enrollment and your total fees due.

12)  If your billing information is entered in your Customer Portal (credit card or bank draft information), payment will be made using this billing information.  If there is no billing information entered, payment by check or cash needs to be received within 2 days of the confirmation email.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office 703-938-9019 or 

 Thank you!

Registration is now OPEN for all students currently or previously enrolled at Cuppett P.A.C..

New Student Registration begins March 28th!

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